Website Design, Hosting & Maintenance

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Every website we design is done so with complete customization using what you want and where you want it. Sure we will give you suggestions and ideas about what may work better than others, but ultimately it is you who decides.

Ready to turn your hobby into a business and start selling on your very own online store? We have all the tools to get you going strong from the word GO!

One reason why custom websites are usually pretty expensive is because of the amount of time it takes a web designer/developer to create and build your layout. This is the case no matter who does your site. It's not only the layout, but what's behind the proverbial curtain that counts. For instance, putting the right key words in your site is important for search engines to recognize what's available and when to retrieve it. That's what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO, for short. Our websites start at only $500 and you'll get much more than you thought you would if we host your site, including basic email!

Equally important, but often neglected is building a site that works across multiple browsers. Did you know that many companies charge you extra for this? Not at P3, it is included with every custom build. We will work with you to get your information ready to show professionally, in the least amount of time and on budget!

Hosting & Maintenance:
Now that you've invested all this time building the perfect website you need to ask a few very important questions. Where will it "live"? Who will maintain it? Who will ensure my investment stays current and is updated with the latest information and code to work across the many browsers out there? The answer is simple, P3 Media Productions will not only Design and Create your website, but we offer hosting and maintenance services to ensure your information is readily available day after day. That's our promise to you, our Guest!

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